DeFacto is one of the main prepared to-wear form marks in Turkey.

Here is why you should choose DeFacto as your shopping brand explained by the owner of the brand.

Ihsan Ateş, who established the DeFacto dress brand in 2003, likes to call the primary decade of the mark’s presence ‘the principal wave’. This was the time when DeFacto’s objectives and methodologies were resolved and executed. ‘We have expanded our business incomes by a normal of 47% every year since 2008, growing 10-overlap in six years. This achievement made us the quickest developing organization among the best 10 marks in the design business,’ he says. By setting up a key association with universal speculation organization Templeton Investments toward the start of a year ago, the brand has made a noteworthy further stride towards turning into a worldwide brand, an objective set amid the beginning of its reality.

Young soul

DeFacto is a unique brand with an intense and clever character, known for its reasonable design for youthful, on-incline client. Ateş says the normal DeFacto buyer takes after patterns nearly, tries to purchase design at reasonable costs, and is a sharp buyer of new items. ‘To accomplish our essential administration mission, which is fulfilling our clients, we generally hear them out, endeavor to comprehend their necessities and decide every one of our items and administrations as per this information,’ he clarifies.

Understanding the market

Ateş has an individual enthusiasm for shopping. ‘It is generally seen as a female characteristic be that as it may, indeed, men likewise like shopping!’ Though, as he clarifies, for him it’s an expert action and in addition a joy. ‘I can comprehend why and how ladies shop. Since I am professionally extremely occupied with mold and take after all patterns intently, I make my own particular style appropriately. Hues, designs, extras are extremely imperative, and I focus on blends keeping in mind the end goal to have a coordinating and smart look. This part is about my work.’ But even before Ateş began working in the design business, looking polished was imperative to him. ‘I favor coordinated looks in even easygoing outfits since I trust that one’s dress style is the impression of one’s identity.’

His comprehension of the market implies that he knows how to influence his image to emerge, and quite a bit of his prosperity is down to his sense of duty regarding advancement. One part of this is, normally, advanced. When DeFacto’s physical retail approach was sharpened, web based business turned into a vital and speculation center.

Building up the model

‘We finished our omnichannel procedure a year ago – it empowers incorporation among deals channels and gives an indistinguishable affair to clients in each channel,’ Ateş clarifies. ‘We have turned into the principal form mark that started omnichannel in Turkey. Our deals on worldwide stages began through AliExpress [an internet shopping marketplace] and Ebay, and will proceed in 2016 with Amazon. We will be the principal Turkish design mark on Amazon.’

Obviously, online endeavors will never remove the concentration from physical retail, and incredible individual administration is vital to the DeFacto rationality. Local people and guests alike can expect master, well disposed customer benefit. ‘In some particular stores, we speak with our remote customers about our different battles in English and Arabic and assemble a nearer contact with them,’ says Ateş.

All-round fulfillment

For Ateş, consumer loyalty must be accomplished if his staff are likewise fulfilled, and he has put it all on the line to guarantee a cheerful workplace. In 2011, DeFacto propelled its joy office, drove by a ‘joy administrator’. Bliss activities incorporate wearing occasions, sound living projects, social exercises and adaptable working circumstances for moms, all intended to keep representatives content.

Presently in the second period of its reality, DeFacto keeps on looking for better approaches to interface with its young, in vogue crowd. For instance, a year ago Ateş settled on the keen choice to work with different influencers in the field of design. The main such coordinated effort, with blogger Buse Terim, was an extraordinary achievement and will proceed for spring/summer 2016.

Universal development

DeFacto at present has 283 stores crosswise over 63 urban communities in Turkey, and 50 global stores crosswise over 12 different countries. Its prosperity has not gone unnoticed. ‘On account of the extraordinary development figures of the previous decade, DeFacto got the [Palladium] Hall of Fame grant, the world’s most lofty prize for procedure and execution administration, turning into the main Turkish design brand to get it,’ says Ateş. Also, there’s no indication of Ateş or his name backing off. ‘The speed and boundlessness of our prosperity gives us quality for our future techniques. For the following decade, which we call the second wave, we have define our objectives with the vision of proceeding with our steady development and turning into a global design chain.’

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