Nomad Backpack

The Nomad Backpack is a bag for travellers, digital nomads, and anyone who requires convenience, comfort, and security whilst transporting their electronic goods.

Make packing easy for your daily commute or vacation with the NOMAD Backpack. With smart storage solutions and a huge list of features, this bag is meant to be your go-to everyday backpack.or any trip away from home.I woul label it as an ideal bag for bike commuters and it’s also affordable for college students and also is  a good fit for young professional based on its sleek look and design. The NOMAD Backpack is for everyday use, with internal pockets for your clothes and gadgets. There are even separate compartments for shoes and documents. The bags expand to beyond their original capacity if required, and it has a TSA-approved laptop pocket. The backpack  stores your laptop safely, and it uses a neat compression to hold all your clothes on longer trips.The backpack offers an innovative strap system that provides comfort and versatility.A wrap-around design further enhances the comfort of the backpack, putting an equal load on the user’s shoulders and torso. Proper ergonomics has apparently been a priority when the creators designed the backpack, as it answers the issue of overburdening and uneven weight distribution, thus improving the wearer’s posture and comfort.


These are just some highlighted  features but here’s a full list of all the things the bag is having:

  • Waterproof zippers and tarpaulin material
  • A full parament zipper that offers a lot of accessibility on all sides of the bag
  • A quick access fleece pocket for valuables
  • Multiple mesh elastic and zipper pockets
  • RFID blocking and lockable security pocket to deter theft
  • A removable hard protective shell for glasses
  • A notebook pocket
  • And a hidden pocket for important and/or valuable items.

The bag was made with the idea that it would serve as a high-quality backpack for everyday use.


Nomad Backpack is constructed with multiple layers. Having more layers means that it’s less likely that one’s bag can be slashed open via a knife or other sharp object, which can be a real risk when travelling abroad.

The inclusion of hidden zippers means that pickpockets and other opportunistic criminals cannot easily access the contents inside, even when customers are unaware of their immediate surroundings.

The Nomad bag comes with a variety of different features that could make it a worthy investment for the frequent traveller. Everything from its security features through to the inclusion of an on-board USB charging slot has been designed to make a traveller’s life easier, and it can be purchased for a limited time at 50% off.

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