The Naked Dog

The Naked Dog is a community-driven brand of pet food and retail pet store chain in Southern California that sells healthy, premium pet food and products at an affordable price. Its Naked Dog Box is the world’s first complete premium dog food and goodies box solution that makes providing the best for your furry friend easy and affordable.

The Naked Dog, providers of super premium healthy dog food for dedicated pet parents, introduces its Naked Dog Box subscription service for home delivery of premium, all natural, gluten free, dry dog food for your furry friends, right to your door. Customized for your dog’s needs, each package contains a two weeks’ supply of nutritionally balanced dry dog food made from wholesome ingredients, with treats and toys to spoil the loyal canine in your life, starting at only $18 a box.

Pet parents want to give the best for their loyal fur babies, but super premium foods are often sold at a price inaccessible for most people – at least those who want to feed their pets at regular intervals. With plans starting from only $18 per box, the Naked Dog Box makes home delivery of premium pet food widely accessible. “We believe all pet parents should have access to the highest quality nutritious dog food, because that’s what every loyal canine deserves,” says Marco Giannini, founder of The Naked Dog. “The Naked Dog Box delivers balanced and nutritious dry dog food to your door every two weeks, packaged just for your dog.”

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Healthy, Wholesome, and Hypoallergenic Super Premium Dog Food

High quality, custom quantity dog food, packed with amazing extras and delivered to your door

The convenient and automatic delivery means pet parents won’t have to take time out of their busy day to buy food and toys, or make a mad last minute dash to the store when they run out of chow. With all the time saved, pet parents can spend more time with their canines, for a happier family all around.

No Mystery on the Label

For pet parents looking to provide the best for their dogs at a price they can afford, look no further than the Naked Dog Box. Each box contains super premium, hypo-allergenic dry food made in the USA, and never include grain, gluten, potato, corn, wheat, or soy. Great lean proteins from beef, turkey, or salmon headline each of The Naked Dog’s dog food recipes. These delicious meats are combined with wholesome ingredients for a dry food created by people who love dogs as much as their customers do.


Each recipe is balanced to:

  • Build stronger muscles, bones, and teeth
  • Stimulate a healthier immune system
  • Support a stronger heart
  • Promote a glossier, shinier coat
  • Provide stable energy
  • Give you a happier, more lively canine friend

The Naked Dog Box also takes the guess work out of portion control. Subscribers provide a profile of their dog including information on age, activity level, weight, and The Naked Dog packages each box with just the right amount of super premium food for two weeks’ worth of delicious meals. Plus, subscribers will get a custom sized scoop for perfect portions each time.

Pet parents can choose how many add-ons they want in each box. They can treat their dog to a new, exciting, quality treat each time, or lavish their pets with boxes full of multiple treats and toys. No more wasting money on separate subscriptions for food, toys, and treats, and no more wasting time shopping at pet stores where food and treats are either prohibitively expensive or questionable in quality. With The Naked Dog Box, everything comes in one easy package.


The Naked Dog believes that all dogs deserve good food and lots of love, especially service dogs that provide invaluable help and companionship to those in need. That’s why a portion of proceeds from every box is donated to Autism Service Dogs of America, to honor and facilitate the continuing work of these amazing animals.

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