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We all would like to live longer, but yet we seldom stop to consider what living longer means. As a Physiologist, I am often asked how we can live longer. I don’t immediately reply, and tell someone how they could live longer. Instead, I turn around and ask them what they mean by living. Do they mean to exist or to live well and prosper?

To live well and prosper we need to take a look at our diet, and consider our supplement regime. Niagen supplements, and Niagen, can help a great deal to improve our quality of life.

Live Long and Prosper

Most of us are familiar with Mr Spock and his favorite Vulcan saying: Live Long and Prosper. The problem is that most of us don’t realize how fundamentally profound these four words are to our health. We all know that we would like to live longer, and at the same time we have come to appreciate that we want to prosper.

Old age used to mean nursing homes, and being less active. All that has changed and in recent years, we have come to realize that living longer and prospering, means playing tennis with the grand kids when you are 80 years young, and not developing diseases. But, can we achieve this?

If, we are serious about living longer and prospering, we need to take a look at our health, diet and supplement regime. There are some supplements which are better than others, and one such supplement is Niagen. The great news is that this supplement can fit in with the rest of your supplement regime without upsetting it at all.


What is Niagen?

niagen ingredients labelSimply put, the Niagen supplement is a different form of Niacin vitamin B3. Scientists have been aware for a long time that Niagen has different properties. Niacin (nicotinic acid) can cause “flushing” in some individuals, and this means that it is affecting the nervous system negatively. However, Niagen doesn’t do that and this is what lead scientists to believe it had vastly different properties.

Niagen is found naturally in dairy products, but has so far been very difficult to replicate in laboratory conditions. The fact is that we don’t get enough Niagen in our diet, and as this is a very heat sensitive compound, it is often destroyed during the processing of dairy products.

Now, Niagen supplement is now finally available in the nature-identical format called nicotinomide riboside (NR) The advantage is that larger quantities can now be produced and a Niagen supplement is now finally available. Before we used to have to rely on an extraction process, but being able to produce Niagen (or nicotinamide), is by far the better solution.

Nicotinamide supplements are some of the most interesting, and progressive, supplements on the market today. Are they a miracle cure? They certainly have all of the makings of a miracle cure, but more than anything they can help us to reduce the effects of aging.


Future of Niagen & Nicotinamide Supplements

Learning about the effects of aging, what happens and why we age, is the holy grail of medicine. As we learn more about the aging process, we start to understand that nutrition plays a vital role. After all, we have already started to live longer because of better nutrition. What we need to know now is how we can further improve on what we have achieved so far.

Scientists are anxiously trying to discover how they can reset the timer, and help our bodies to reduce their “physical” age. Good nutrition is vital, but the problem is that we would have to eat a lot of food to absorb the nutrition that we need. That just isn’t feasible as it would mean that we would need to increase our calorie intake considerably. Of course, increasing our calorie intake, would mean weight gain and that would shorten our potential life span.

The best alternative is probably supplements, and that means that we need to start to treat our supplements as medicine. But, is aging a disease? In fact, it might be, and we will be taking a look at that. If aging is a disease, Niagen and nicotinamide supplements maybe the perfect supplement to help us treat the disease of aging.

Healthy Aging

So, how can Niagen, and other nicotinamide supplements, help us to age in health way. The most important factor is that Niagen can help your cells to replicate better. The nucleus of the cell sends a signal to the cell walls to start to copy.

The problem is that sometimes the cell walls don’t copy perfectly, and may even let contagions such as viruses in. This can have an effect the nucleus of the cell, and the mitochondrial ( power house) part of the cell, may copy less perfectly. If our cells could copy perfectly every time, aging would not be a problem. But our cells don’t, so we need to encourage them to do so.

One way, and perhaps the best way, to encourage your cells to make a perfect copy of themselves every time is to take a Niagen supplement.

So, can Niagen, and supplements based on nicotinamide riboside, have other positive effects on our body? Yes, they can.

If, we think of our body as a computer that needs different systems to function, it is much easier to understand how nicotinomide riboside can help you to live and prosper.


Metabolism and Performance

Which comes first do you think, metabolism or performance? It took scientists ages to figure out nutrition and how it has an effect on our bodies. Now, we know that if we have the right nutrients available in our body, we will perform better.

Performance comes to us in many different shapes, and sizes. The truth is that nature-identical compounds such as nicotinomide riboside can help to enhance and increase our body’s performance. Most people think of physical performance as athleticism, but hey I got news for you, scientists don’t do that. Scientists think of it as the functioning of many different system in the body. This is why you hear scientists talk about lung function and heart function.

When we improve our metabolism, we also have the opportunity to improve our performance. Please notice that the most important phrase is “the opportunity to”. Sadly, most of the time we don’t take that opportunity. As a matter of fact, we may not even be able to as our food may not be nutritionally correct, and might even be contaminated.

The reason for this is rather simple. To increase our performance, we need to eat the right food, and take the right supplement. The problem is that we don’t do so, and we don’t increase the potential of our performance.

So, what systems in our body would we have to increase the performance of to live longer, and can Niagen do that?


Neuro Protection

Can Niagen help to protect my brain? We are becoming increasingly concerned about better brain health. We have finally learned that there is a link in between good brain health and all over better health.

Of course, our brain can be affected by many compounds in our environment. We know it can be affected by pollution and viruses. These are two, along with fats such as triglycerides, of the main culprits behind poor brain health. They cause all sorts of problems with neuro connections, and inflammation related disorders such as dementia.

Protecting the cell wall of brain cells would help a great deal, and the most efficient way to do is to take a supplement such as Niagen. And here is the kicker – if you have had a stroke your doctor may recommend that you take a vitamin B complex, or vitamin B3 Niagen supplement. He knows that the vitamins in the complex, or B3 Niagen supplement, will help to protect your brain and may even help to heal the cells.

In fact, some neurologists put their stroke patients on a special drip. Do you know what it contains? Vitamin B complex and B3 Niagen. Do you actually need any more proof to confirm how important nicotinamide supplements are to your health?

Cardio Function and Niagen

Can Niagen support good cardio function? Cardio function and cardiovascular function are part of each other. Without good cardiovascular function, it is impossible to have good cardio function.

Too often, we think of good cardiovascular function (low blood pressure and fat levels in the blood) as starting in our arteries. This is not correct, scientists actually know that it starts in the liver. Drugs such as statins are metabolized in the liver, and the positive results are seen in the blood by lowering LDL cholesterol. Unfortunately, the negative side effects of statins are also noticed elsewhere in the body in the form of loss of muscle tone, and perhaps even diabetes type 2.

Niagen, and all of the other B vitamins, are metabolized in the liver as well. And that is what makes Niagen so effective and versatile. It will now go to work in your bloodstream, and help your body to support good cardiovascular function. In fact, it will help to lower both triglyceride levels and balance your cholesterol.

But, Niagen will do so much more than that, and that is what Dr David Sinclair discovered.

Dr David Sinclair And His Age-Reversing Mice

As a scientist Dr David Sinclair knows that living longer is all about cell replication and energy. The part of the cell which sends the signal to the cell walls to start the process of replication, is also the part of the cell which is responsible for energy production.

Communication is a vital part of this, but so is energy. Scientists often use muscle tissue to check for the effects of aging, and cell performance. This is exactly what Dr David Sinclair did, and discovered the muscle cells in the mice which had been given Niagen, had “gone back in time”. They appeared to be younger and stronger than the cells in mice of the same age who had not been given the Niagen treatment.

What does this prove? To be honest, this is just one step towards a better of understanding of aging. We now appreciate that a different form of vitamin B3 can be more effect when it comes to combating aging than the other.

The good news is that the results from Dr David Sinclair study can be replicated, and put to good use to improve YOUR own health. Niagen is after all a nature-identical compound, and does not require a prescription from a doctor.

Despite, what other sites may tell you, our body can only produce very little NR. This is after all a water soluble vitamin. It will store in the liver for a very short period of time, but the fact is that you need to take Niagen on a regular basis to enjoy the benefits.

How To Take Niagen

If, you are keen to try to “live longer and prosper”, you should consider investing in Niagen. As it is a nature-identical treatment, you should take it along your other supplements first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Swallow with a small glass of water, and wait for at least 20 minutes before you have breakfast. It is a good idea to get into a routine. I take my supplements before I walk my dogs in the morning, and after walking the dogs, I come back to have my breakfast.

The recommendation is to take 250 mg once per day, but I would take 500 mg of Niagen in the morning. Any excess is quickly eliminated through the urine. Remember that this is a water soluble vitamin, so you don’t have to worry about your body absorbing too much.

Niagen will become more effective if you take it together with a good quality vitamin B complex. There are a few good quality nature-identical, or bio-identical, vitamin B complex alternatives out there. A good quality vitamin B complex will make sure that the Niagen becomes even more effective, and it also works together with all of the other B vitamins within the group.

Remember that you get what you pay for, and it is always best to pay a bit extra for a good quality product. Niagen is one of the best anti aging products on the market today, and if you are looking to live longer and prosper, it should be your number one choice. Put some energy back into your life, add Niagen to your supplement routine.

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