Focus T25

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym, buy expensive equipment, or starve to death.
By doing T25 you can lose weight as efficient as working out at a gym, in the comfort of your home.

Designed for busy people: You will get results only working out 25 minutes a day.

Anyone can do T25: It does not matter what fitness level you are at. You can start in the current shape you are in.

No equipment is required: Save on gym membership fees and expensive equipment. You can do this at home in your own living room.

Guaranteed results: Follow your personal trainer Shaun T for 5 days a week, 25 minutes a day and you will see results.

30 day money back guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied you can ask for a refund, no questions asked.


What is Focus T25 – 25 minute Workout – Really?

In a nutshell, Focus T25 is a high intensity cardio/strength training program that last 25 minutes giving you the same weight loss results as the old insanity program that was 45-60 minutes. It’s all about burning fat and toning muscle. This isnot a bulk up type of program.

It was developed from the ground up by Shaun-T, a world-renowned personal trainer and fitness expert. You may have heard of Shaun-T for his extremely popular Insanity Program. Which has also received rave reviews across the board.

The Insanity Program was extremely hard and long. It was really effective if you stuck with and fought through the first few weeks. Most people struggled to find the time to get it in and generally just quit doing it.

Beachbody listened to its customers though and created Focus T25. After a significant amount of case studies and research, they found out the first 30 minutes of a workout, was where participants were burning the most fat and toning muscle.

So, they redesigned it to incorporate the best exercises and moves that will burn fat and tone muscle in a structured 25-minute workout session. Each workout is followed by a brief 2-5 minute stretch period to cool down so it is a 30 minute total workout.

With this workout you don’t need to spend hours in the gym, buy expensive equipment, or starve to death. By doing T25 you can lose weight in the comfort of your home. The program still incorporates the best high-impact moves to engage all core areas as well as major muscle groups that insanity was so good at. These include the quads, calves, core, upper body and hamstrings. It also includes a total body workout DVD that thoroughly focuses on the upper body to give everyone options to do a full body workout


Who is This For?

This program was designed for anyone that is wanting to shed pounds and doesn’t have a lot of time to do it in. Beachbody literally condensed an hour’s workout into 25 minutes so that ANYONE could find time to workout. Busy mom’s, people working 40-60 hour weeks or anyone out of shape and wants to workout at home in private, it’s 4 YOU!

Why is “T25” So Effective?

The Focus T25 got its name from Shaun-T’s desire to incorporate the most effective exercise combinations. Particularly those that build the most muscle while burning the most fat possible within an intensive 25 minute session. In fact, it’s so focused, you literally hit the ground running starting minute 1 of your first session, and literally do not stop until it’s over.

There have been several studies done over the past few years, which actually favor the short intense workouts vs. the longer ones. Especially when the goal is to burn fat. I believe that they both have their purposes and advantages.

For example, if you’re seriously into endurance sports such as long-distance running or triathlons, then you definitely need those intensive 60-90 minute workouts. Short workouts, no matter how intense just won’t cut it.

This program’s goals are very clear: – Shred fat, get you eating right and get you either toned up, orripped!

The Perfect Workout Program For Busy People!

Over the years, I found myself wanting to optimize my workout time to progressively shorter sessions as I went along. I wanted them to be as fast, simple and effective as possible. To put it plainly, I do not want to spend couple hours each day working out.

This is obviously a common problem. Who has that kind of time when you are working full-time and have a family?

If you’re one of those people too, take my word for it. This is the workout for you!

Just a half hour, no major equipment needed, that you can fit it in anywhere in your day, five times a week. Boom.

You can even do it during your lunch break! Quite simply, you no longer have an excuse for not being able to do a quality workout.

If you are in a place where you are overweight, have not worked out for several weeks, months or years then I can relate. How about today you decide to take the first step and get back on the road to getting back in shape. The first step is the hardest but if you do not take it you will never get there. I know you can do it if you just give it an honest try and give it a go.



What’s Included in Focus T25 Workout Program:

  1. Quick Start Guide – so you hit the ground running!
  2. 11 25-minute workout DVDs – Your workout schedule is 5 days a week.
  3. T25 Workout Schedule
  4. 5 Day Fast Track Guide – A great jump start for the program!
  5. Nutrition Meal Plan – super-easy/time-saving meal planning!
  6. Wall Size Workout Calendar – track your daily progress!
  7. Workout Resistance Band – The only equipment you will for the workouts (other than a decent floor/yoga mat)!

The program includes the very detailed Nutritional Meal Plan as well as a Five-Day Fast Track Meal Plan.These plans are easy to follow, tell you what to eat and exactly when to eat it. There is literally no room for error and helps you keep focused.

. Bear in mind that this element is critical to your success. If you’re like most people who eat the standard three meals a day, prepare for a change. Because with this program, you’ll be eating five to six smaller meals a day.

Focus T25 – Workout Schedule Break Down

Month 1 – Alpha Phase Workout For The Foundation (5 DVD’s)

  1. Cardio – non stop cardio exercises for 25 minutes.
  2. Speed 1.0 – works on improving your speed, stretching and stability. (Dancers will rock this one!)
  3. Total Body Circuit – cardio and strength related movements.
  4. AB Intervals – I would recommend a yoga mat or soft carpeted area.
  5. Lower Focus – Rest up your legs You will feel this one!
  6. Stretch – Ah finally a break. This will become your best friend!



Month 2 – Beta Phase Workouts For The Core (5 DVD’s)

  1. Core Cardio – This is a step up from the Cardio workout in Month 1.
  2. Speed 2.0 – After perfecting the basics in Speed 1.0 Shaun T steps it up a notch and the pace with new moves
  3. RIP’t Circuit – This is a sequence of Upper body, legs, abs and repeat.
  4. Dynamic Core – Crazy Core Workout with lots of dynamic exercises in it.
  5. Upper Focus – Strictly Upper body workout to build strength.
  6. Core Speed – Working in core and agility moves to increase your speed.

Included in the package is a calendar that will tell you what day to do each workout. You grab the dvd for that workout, hit play and you follow Shaun T. through the 25 minute workout. Super simple!

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