EverydayFamily.com is an online community of people who are sharing the experience of parenting created by a young father-to-be and currently run as a family business.

EverydayFamily.com is a place for both experts and parents who have advice and helpful information to share, as well as for parents and parents-to-be who are seeking guidance and support, from the stages of pre-conception to preschool, and more.

The website offers informational sources, articles, interactive forums and a regularly updated blog. It also offers interactive tools, personalized content and even member rewards like grocery store coupons, and opportunities to get free items and products for your baby.

For each stage of parenthood, EverydayFamily.com offers different areas of advice as well as helpful tools. Their Pre-Conception area, for example, has an Ovulation Calendar, Tips for Getting Pregnant, and articles for parents who are having trouble conceiving.

But EverydayFamily.com doesn’t stop their services at the parent/child relationship. They also have a section to help you and your spouse maintain a healthy relationship as well, with articles on Relationship Wellness, Recipes, Health & Fitness, and Money issues.

Signing up for membership is completely free and comes with regular benefits, such as the weekly newsletter, a personalized everyday portal, and all the member rewards provided by EverydayFamily.com.

How does EverydayFamily work?

Some features of the website are only available for members, but most of the content is also available for visitors.

Those who are not interested in getting involved in conversations or in posting questions don’t need an account.

But creating an account is very easy, as it only involves entering an email address, the home address of the user and some details about their family.

The home address might seem like an unusual requirement, but it actually serves a purpose. EverydayFamily features promotional offers from various brands, and the location of the users who choose to sign up for them is important.

Some offers are only available in some of the states, or under other terms which involve location. Also, users don’t offer information on their family for anything.

The member profiles can be personalized to display relevant information. The age of the child (or children) is very important, as the user can choose to be presented with appropriate articles and tools.

When creating an account, the user will also have to specify if they’re pregnant. And again, this is very helpful, as the website has articles that offer advice for every stage of pregnancy.

And after they register, the user can choose to sign up for periodic newsletters. These will reach the user exactly when they need them, as they will match the age of the child or pregnancy stage.

Right after they create their account, the new member will see the special offers available from sponsors. Some of them include coupons that allow members to make savings on baby products. Others include free samples of baby products and other household items.

But while members are able to sign up for as many offers as they want, visitors have no access to them. Also, members can interact with each other even outside the discussion forums.

They can send and receive messages and become friends, just like on any other social network. The special offers are only some of the benefits of signing up.

Still, even without the special offers, visitors can save money through this website too. They have access to grocery coupons. All of them are available for members and visitors alike, and acquiring them is extremely simple.

All that the user has to do is “clip” them (by clicking on them), and click the print button. But to be able to go through the second step, the user will have to enter their phone number. The number will be used to send a text confirmation, and this might be bothering for some users.

But the website offers a high number of coupons that can make for considerable savings. Offering one’s phone number might be worth it.

Also, those who are interested in printing all the coupons (and there are hundreds of them) don’t have to bother clipping each of them. The website has a “clip all” option, so users don’t have to put in the extra effort.

The other feature of EverydayFamily that is only available to members is access to the discussion forums and the Q&A section. Visitors can see the discussions but they are not able to post. The same is the case with the Q&A section.

Here, members can post short questions on parenting and family life and receive answers from the entire community. Visitors can browse them based on their specific categories, but they can’t offer their own answers.

The discussion forums themselves can be found in specific categories, which are quite unusual. The main categories are not separated based on topics, but on children’s birth dates. For example, one of these categories is 2015 July-September Birth Club.

And unfortunately, the oldest category is 2011 April-June Birth Club. Which means that the forums are not destined for parents with children that are older than 5.

Of course, the information is still useful for any person with children younger than 5, but what about users with older children?

The names of these categories alone might be enough to deter some parents from becoming involved in the discussions.

Still, getting involved has its rewards. The website uses a system of points and badges to rank the users based on their level of activity. This feature is a new addition and the system is still in development, but it already offers some benefits.

Badges allow members to participate in special sweepstakes, and more features will be added in the future.

But members and visitors alike have access to the rest of the content. Articles are easy to find by browsing the main categories, which are available at the top of all pages. And EverydayFamily also has a search bar that allows users to find all posts on a specific topic.

Those who are in a hurry don’t have to bother browsing the website. Also, while the topics can be found in their specific categories, some of them appear in 2 or more different sections.

And some of the interactive tools appear in most sections. Interesting topics and tools are very easy to come by on this website.

The main categories are Community, Preconception, Pregnancy, Baby, Kids, Lifestyle, Blogs, EFTV and myEveryday.

For members, myEveryday displays personalized content, but visitors won’t have any access to this category. Still, some of the most popular topics are available in the EFTV category, so visitors won’t miss anything.

The Community category is limited to the discussion forums and the Q&A, but all the other categories offer a large range of content.

For example, the Preconception category includes both articles and interactive tools. Users can access information on preconception checkup and ways to improve one’s chances of becoming pregnant. There are also articles on IVF, and even on gender selection.

Users can participate in polls (even if they’re not members), and use the ovulation calculator. This tool uses the first day of last menstrual cycle and the average length of the cycle to estimate fertile periods. Of course, the ovulation calculator is not 100% accurate, but it’s a good tool nonetheless.

Articles and polls are also available in the Pregnancy section. But more importantly, this section offers detailed information on each week of pregnancy. In each case, the website displays an informational video.

There’s also written information on the development of the baby and the changes that affect the mother in the specific stage of pregnancy. Also, for each week users can see tips on how to handle the unpleasant symptoms and a “to do” list.

This section includes 2 tools, Gender Predictor Tool and Gender Predictor Quiz. They don’t use scientific methods but they’re still fun to take.

And judging by the comments of the users, these tools are surprisingly accurate. There’s also a third interactive tool, the Due Date Calculator, and it too it accurate enough.

The “week by week” feature can also be found in the Baby category, only, this time, it offers information on newborns. This section includes articles on breastfeeding, sleep, and similar topics, but also the Baby Care Log.

This is a document that can be used by parents and caretakers to keep track on the activity of babies. It’s available for download as a pdf or Excel file, and judging by what the users have to say, it’s very useful.

The Baby section focuses on children up to 1 year old and includes a dedicated blog. The articles offer information and advice regarding both newborns and family life.

The Kids section, on the other hand, focuses on toddlers. This category offers information on the physical and mental development of toddlers depending on their age group.

Unlike the previous 2 sections, which have a week by week feature, Kids focuses on one month at a time. There are also articles on sleep, potty training and other similar topics, and financial advice for parents.

The Lifestyle category focuses entirely on parents, and it includes advice on marriage, relationships, health, finance, and family life in general.

Here, parents can read advice on dating, diet, and exercise (focused mostly on new mothers), budget planning and many other topics.

Also, Lifestyle includes a subsection that it dedicated to fathers. This is a very nice touch given that most of the content focuses on mothers.

Lastly, the website also has a Blogs section, which gathers all the blogs (from all sections) in a convenient location. There are many of them, and they offer enough content to keep readers busy for days.

One of the tools available on EverydayFamily is not available in any of the main sections. Users might miss it, but it’s very useful.

The Child Height Predictor tool only appears at the bottom of the pages. And it’s worth a try, as it’s very accurate.

What are the pros?

EverydayFamily offers an impressive amount of content that is both useful and entertaining. The articles come from experts and members alike, and bring up some very interesting subjects.

This website is worth a visit by any parent or person who is interesting in becoming a parent at one point in their life. Also, it can help its members save money though the special offers and coupons.

Lastly, EverydayFamily allows members to share their experiences and support each other. Some of its features might be bothering for some users (like the requirement to offer one’s phone number when printing coupons), but the website doesn’t have any serious drawbacks.

It’s a great source of information and it’s completely free to use, so it’s unable to cause trouble for the users. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this website is very easy to navigate.

The content is well organized, and the most popular articles and tools can be found in a dedicated section.

Unfortunately, EverydayFamily doesn’t have many user reviews despite having been available for 10 years.

This is most likely because users choose to discuss the features of the website in the forums. This is the case for many websites that allow their members to interact with each other.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that users don’t have positive experiences to share. And EverydayFamily does have some positive reviews coming from users who are happy with the content and the special offers.



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