DreamCloud Mattress

Getting a good night’s sleep should be the least we could ask for, but in today’s fast-paced society this isn’t always a given. Our constant striving for better sleep has driven advancements in mattress technology at a rapid rate, as manufacturers try to find the perfect formula.

Are you in the market for a luxury hybrid bed without thousands of dollars to spend on a new mattress? How would you like to sleep on a cloud without breaking your bank?

Dreamcloud offers some amazing differentiators. For one, their mattress offers a higher profile than many comparable mattresses for the price. At 15” thick, those lucky enough to experience a Dreamcloud mattress report a luxury feel that is comparable to mattresses thousands of dollars more expensive. Additionally, their 365 night trial and great customer service feedback provide peace of mind for anyone who wants to try their mattress risk free.

DreamCloud is a new hybrid mattress with some high-end features with one of the most competitive prices you can find with this type of quality.  Coming in at 15″ thick with hand tufting, cashmere cover, great edge support and cooling features the DreamCloud is hard to beat.
Representing the latest in hybrid mattress technology, the new DreamCloud combines traditional springs with multi-layers of foam, latex, gel and cashmere to offer a premium bedtime experience.

Here is what’s inside the superbly rated Dreamcloud Mattress:

Layer 1: It all begins with the Euro Top, which features a premium soft feel. Two layers of premium, pillowy foam are combined into the quilted top.

Layer 2: The following layer is 1.5” of gel memory foam that offers a refreshing and cooling contour. It offers a softer feel that is ideal for those that are looking for a luxury hotel-style feel.

Layer 3: A 2.5” transitional foam layer provides further resistance and support, while not detracting from the pressure relieving properties found in the layers above.

Layer 4: 8” of pocketed coils provide deep support for the spine, independently reacting to your body’s curves. This also cuts down on motion transfer and disturbing your partner at night. Edge support is also reinforced by higher-gauge coils along the sides. This layer acts as the ‘cooling core,’ which moves hot air through it and away from the body.

Layer 5: The last layer is a high density foam layer that further supports the spine and helps with long term durability.

Overall Comfort

Sleepers find this mattress by and large extremely comfortable. The layers upon layers of foam are perfect for those that are side sleepers or want to feel like they are sleeping on a cloud.


The Dreamcloud feels medium to medium-soft. This mattress is definitely a pressure point reliever so if you have issues with pressure points, chronic pain or arthritis, this mattress may help.

Back Pain Relief

The Dreamcloud will do a great job cushioning the body. For those that are lighter to medium in body type and back or side sleepers, this mattress will properly align the spine and keep you comfy throughout the night. For those that are heavier than average or stomach sleepers, this mattress may be a little too soft depending on your preferences.


Because of the attention to detail in this mattress — from the gel memory foam, Euro Top construction, and airy cooling pocketed coil core, this mattress should do a great job keeping cool for most. For those that are agonizingly hot sleepers, you may still retain some heat.



  • Seeking a more luxurious mattress without breaking the bank: The DreamCloud is a much more firm mattress compared to the 10″ beds you can find and purchase online for a reasonable price. Spend your money wisely and buy a real luxury mattress. Some companies say things like “in store this would cost $3000”, well that’s actually true with the DreamCloud as it’s a well-built luxury mattress.
  • Are after the hybrid or more traditional mattress feel: The design of this mattress has an authentic traditional feel which utilizes a pocketed coil unit and a nice quilt on top. Thus, it’s a good combo of foam and mattress feel.
  • Want a good combo of bounce, and pressure relief: Want a good combo of bounce and pressure relief. The pairing of memory foam, latex, and the pocketed coils gives you good pressure relief with the memory foam with an added bounce. It has a right balance of firmness and softness.
  • Want a mattress that sleeps cool: The DreamCloud had no issues at all with overheating.  Being that it uses latex and gel-infused memory foam it does not trap heat much at all.  Additionally, since you do not sink super far into the mattress, more of your body is exposed to the air vs being engulfed by the mattress.
  • Want to pay a fair price for a high-end mattress:  Some brands compromise quality and focus more on price. But it’s not the case with DreamCloud. It makes quality mattresses with fair and relevant pricing. You get more of what you paid for. It’s a real luxury mattress with a reasonable price.
  • Are a combination sleeper: This mattress works well with different sleeping positions and the firmness appeal to most people.



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