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The most complex organ of the human body is the brain. It is made up of a billion nerve cells and neurons, each of which is linked to the 1000 to 10,000. These connections are called synapses and are used for communication between brain cells. The brain needs to operate a continuous supply of energy, because even though it represents only 2% of the body weight, it consumes 20% of the energy intake. For the development and functioning of the brain what are very important are nutrients, especially the supplement to support proper mental development.


The bulk of the brain cells of the fetus occurs during the first three months of intrauterine development and, therefore, it is now important to good nutrition of pregnant women. At birth is the number of neurons in the essence of ultimate, but the brain of child to further develop and grow a little bit. The nervous system is much more sensitive than other tissues as the action of harmful effects, so the lack of essential nutrients that it needs to develop is very dangrous.

A large part of the brain (roughly 60% of its dry weight) consists of fats, whose considerable part consists of omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids, the essential fatty acids. These substances are involved in a wide range of key processes in the body, but the body is not able to produce and deliver as much as necessary. It is therefore referred to Brain Plus IQ as necessary or essential.



Brain Plus IQ – A chronic supplement

If the brain supplements are so good for us, as some people (among them even some scientists) say it is good to ask yourself the following question: “Why is developing brain so hard working to get rid of the influence of drug?” Brain Plus IQ is used as chronic drug to compensate for the brain in two ways, first, by reducing the production of acetylcholine. The brain tries to compensate the effect of increased levels of acetylcholine as a result of supplement intake. Second, the brain increases the number of receptors for adenosine. This gives the ability of adenosine to be in brain communication “more vocal”-and even though its function to a certain extent blocks.

The structure of the brain and its functions keep changing and the result is that the more supply of fresh blood to brain. It is one of the reasons why the morning dose of Brain Plus IQ is very important for anyone. If it does not get then the feeling goes to half throttle. In the event that you end up the supplement intake completely, you may appear next to the fatigue and other withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches. Quick help in headache or fatigue is another dose, Cola or pain medications that contain pain relieve agents.

If we want to put an end to the Brain Plus IQ intake, the best way is simply to “endure”. Usually the brain within one or two days adapt to the normal operation. But sometimes this happens that severe pain persists after drinking for up to two weeks. In these cases, usually it is the predisposition to headaches, drinking withdrawal was “started”. In practical life has resulted in the disruption of brain activity even changes other than mental illness or withdrawal symptoms at the end of a drinking problem. In this situation, this supplemnt may also result in the improving your physical or mental abilities, and even for those which do not show any symptoms of mental illness. The effects of drinking on the deterioration of brain activity are well documented. Although it is helping people to do simple tasks faster, scientific evidence confirms that undermines the ability to perform complex tasks requiring fine motor coordination and response.

Brain Plus IQ improve mental functions

Scientists confirm that the higher production of acetylcholine, caused by the regular Brain Plus IQ dose, can play a role in the improvement of our mental functions. Yet, it is widely believed that it stimulates and improves the intellectual capacity, the authors of an extensive survey of the scientific literature found no evidence for this claim. It aslo improves sleep. A dose of supplement before bedtime has resulted in improving asleep, leading to an increase in the total number of hours of sleep. It does not also disrupts sleep quality, especially the quality of the deepest stages of sleep (stages 3 and 4), which is used to regenerate.

Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter in the brain, specifically in his frontal lobe. This area is a must for depressive patients actively strengthen. Sometimes, the brain, however, fails to produce serotonin, if not at the same time present the tryptophan. Many depressed patients found improved appetite with Brain Plus IQ (low appetite we observe only a small number of depressed people). Because of its composition contains enough tryptophan.

It has in comparison with other supplements the higher content of tryptophan, although many people believe that this supplement is one of his best sources. However, there are valuable resources, such as tofu (soy cheese), which in the above list. There are the depressed persons, which are very sensitive even to small and temporary reduction in blood levels of tryptophan, which may cause a relapse of depression.



The main ingredients are:

  • Oligo flor genius
  • Geniux
  • Betaina
  • Vitamina B, C
  • Hill
  • Magnesium
  • Folic acid
  • Zinc


Brain Plus IQ – A source of energy to brain

Carbohydrates are essential for our health and the best and Brain Plus IQ is most abundant source of energy for our body. For brain and other nervous system tissue, carbohydrates are a source of energy only. If it is not available in good quantity, the body produces these essential molecules of the protein. Carbohydrates also perform an important function of detoxification of harmful substances in the body or in the body. Carbohydrates are stored in the liver and muscles in the form of long chains of glucose, called glycogen. It allows a better production of the hormone cortisone, which during the day will help us to better handle stress situations. Unique and exclusive remedy against fatigue is also Brain Plus IQ. It has essential ingredients for brain cells to strengthen our immunity.

Researches confirm that the healing of depression there’s the supplement with significant effects. For centuries people have used it against insomnia and manifestations of nervousness. This well-known supplement is used in large parts of the United States and in Germany for many years as the main antidepressant; the increased popularity has had in the United States only in the second half of the 1990s. Between 1995 and 1997, the turnover of sales climbed from 20 million to 200 million dollars.

Many studies show that when weak to moderately strong depression symptoms improved in 40 to 50% of cases, while in the placebo effect is the improvement evident in 15 percent of cases. Although the results of these studies seem promising, are clearly confirmed. The strongest argument of critics is that researches dotted are too logn term and. Some argue that the results are great because the Brain Plus IQ, compared with only a low dose of a particular other supplement.

Brain Plus IQ fights depression

One of the excellent works on the effects of Brain Plus IQ dotted the 200 patients with depression in the 11 medical centers. In conclusion, the authors observed that Brain Plus IQ is effective for treating major depression. In the note, however, the small letters stated that full withdrawal symptoms in patients who received this supplement, was three times more common.

What’s more, it had minimal side effects compared to other smart medicines. We found very good results even for their patients with mild depression who received this supplement. How Brain Plus IQ works against depression, it is not yet known. Some researchers are convinced that it inhibits MAO (monoaminooxid), which enables the central nervous system accumulate more serotonin and epinephrine, which adds to the feeling of well-being. The effect is, as with other supplements, milder than the effect of the drugs and side affects are rare and the minimum (nausea, rashes, tiredness, and restlessness). When the use of large doses, sensitivity of the skin increases to ultraviolet rays (Sun).

Medications that are prescribed for depression can negatively react to the many other medications. Any patient, who is treated for depression, should therefore inform your doctor about all medicines that you used. Even Brain Plus IQ responds to some medications. People often use it without the knowledge of the physician, which arise from the possible risks of reactions to other medications.



Are there any side effects of Brain Plus IQ?

The first research shows that Brain Plus IQ stimulates the liver enzymes that eliminate the effects of the drugs and help remove them from the body. The US National Institute of health has published a report that eight people who were receiving the protease inhibitor called indinavir (Crixivan) against the virus of HIV, a cure for HIV was ineffective. It may also weaken the effect of contraception pills and medicines against seizures, some epileptic preparations against cancer and chemo-therapeutic effect of antidepressants.

Brain Plus IQ can have serious consequences, especially in the case of, if at the same time, the paitent takes the drugs against depression. Those drugs may cause serotonin syndrome – the accumulation of serotonin in nerve connections. They cause serious physical and mental disorders that appear suddenly. There is confusion, disquiet, slowness, fever, fast heart rate, urge to vomit, diarrhea, advanced pupils, and even unconsciousness. If you are thinking about taking Brain Plus IQ against depression, then note that the usual dose is two pills a day.

Composition of Brain Plus IQ

Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids (Docosahexaenoic acid, DHA, alpha-linolenic acid and Eicosapentaenoic Acid EPA ALA) are among the major components of the Brain Plus IQ, which has a direct impact on the development, growth and functioning of the brain, that is mental development. The unsaturated fatty acid DHA, we can say that it is for the brain what it is for bone calcium. The supply of adequate dose of Brain Plus IQ is needed during early development of the child to promote the growth of the brain. The human brain is growing especially during fetal development and in the first years of life. At birth, has about 5% of the weight of the brain of an adult, even though the size is already at 70%. Unsaturated fatty acid ALA ensures the flexibility of individual nerve connections. In recent years, study confirms that for the proper functioning of the brain, that is communication between neurons, EPA has an important role. Probably, it supports the processes of memory and ability to concentrate. Because it constantly consumes, it is important that the body receives it regularly.

Thanks to sufficient ingredients in the Brain Plus IQ , so nervous system can develop more easily. The child is heard better learns and remembers. It promote concentration and is known for their positive effect on hyperactive children (ADHD syndrome) or depressive States. Group B vitamins also contribute to the nutrition of the brain, to supply energy, but also to the rapid and secure transfer of information between nerve cells. In addition, they are very important for the formation of the carriers themselves of nerve excitement.

Beneficial effect of Brain Plus IQ

Its benefits are known already for many years, someone else’s well remembers how it had to be home every day to swallow the dose of 2 pills daily. Currently, this way the supply of important nutrients went out of fashion. You need omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, however, we can receive in the form of Brain Plus IQ supplementation enriched source of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid DHA, which according to the recommendations of the experts we should take once or twice a day. Do not belong in our latitudes is still the most popular supplement. From a survey, 69% of people are using brain or memory booster supplements. Data of the US Statistical Office confirmed this information.

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