is the biggest website where you can book accommodation for your vacations.They have almost the best offers for the hotels that are advertised in their platform and if you are travelling a lot you will get even more deals on bookings as they have a really nice fidelity program.

Booking stands out from the competitors by having a lot of tools that can help the travelers to make the best choice and have a great stay in their trips either is business or pleasure.On the platform you can find not only hotels or hostels but also apartments so every budget can be pleased.

The latest features of Booking can help the user to plan a vacation with everything they need.Booking also provides a tool to search for plane tickets which is very handy and also a car rental tool and even the tool where you can search for transportation from the airport to the destination of the hotel you are staying .

The main tool of Booking that helps travelers to pick their hotel rooms is very complex and you can choose almost everything you need from their search option feature.Also they a very good review service which is based on the users experiences in the locations that are advertised on their website and this can help you to find any hidden flaws that one hotel might have.One of the most handy features that Booking has is that they provide a map with the exact location of the hotel or apartment so this way you can decide if the area is good for your needs and also what transportation options you have available in that area.

Another problem that is quite “big” during a trip in a city that you don’t know is where and what to eat…Booking offers also the option where you can see all the restaurants in that area with reviews and also you can make reservations for those restaurants.In the same area we have a really nice review of the breakfast that the hotels offer so we can decide if we take it or not.

Because everybody is turning there attention to smartphones rather than laptops Booking has a really good app that runs both for IOS and Android.Their app is one of the highest rated app in the industry of travelling and has a review score of 4.8 out of 5 stars.The mobile app offers to users the same features that you have on desktop and also the process of booking is really fast after you sign in and tie your payment method to the account.They made it also easy for the user to find the hotel after the reservation by showing directions using the GPS of the phone.

Another great feature that help travelers to save good money on their trips is the newsletter that contains all sort of deals and they are targeted using the history of the booking search so if you are looking for accommodation in some area Booking will send you the best deals by email.This comes from their “obsession” to offer the customer the best price on the market.Another payment feature is the one┬áthat you don’t to pay in advance for all the reservations so they give you time to change your mind if something comes up and you can;t go on that trip.

Being the fact that from their statistics almost 50% of the hotel bookings made online are made through them I think is the best solution when it comes to get a nice accommodation when travelling.





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