“All dogs are unique and all dogs deserve to be healthy and happy”

BarkShop curates unique Collections of dog toys, treats, chews & accessories that you can’t find anywhere else! Sniff around the Collections or chat with one of our pawsonal shoppers to find the perfect products for your pooch. Guaranteed tail wags & puppy kisses with every order.


BarkShop is built around the two fundamental beliefs that all dogs are unique and deserve to be healthy and happy. As a result, these dog lovers curate a wide array of products to provide pets with the highest level of quality and comfort. Hungry pups can sink their teeth into all-natural treats like slow-roasted rosemary turducken, gluten-free cheddar biscuits and Vermont pumpkin pie biscuits made with organic apples, pumpkin, maple and sage. Large breeds can reap large benefits with BarkShop’s durable toys, tugs and fetch gadgets, while “burrow dens” and plush beds made from furniture-grade foam are the perfect place for pets to get cozy at the end of the day. BarkShop also donates 10 percent of all profits to rescues and shelter organizations to help all dogs receive the home they deserve.


What we love at BarkShop

  • Your pet loves you unconditionally all year. Return the favor by treating him or her to the premium products from BarkShop.
  • Perfect for new owners and seasoned puppy parents alike, the essentials collection offers a broad range of basics, from leather collars and leashes to durable chew toys made with real bacon.
  • Puzzle toys and function treats are designed specially for your furry genius, while the new “Snuggle into Fall” collection prepares for plummeting temperatures with cozy beds, plush toys and organic Beddy-Bye Biscuits made with chamomile, ginger and decaffeinated green tea.
  • Free from harmful dyes and artificial ingredients, these products have all been tested and approved by BarkShop’s team of discerning humans and canines.
  • BarkShop supports the nearly seven million animals entering shelters every year by donating 10 percent of proceeds to dogs in need.


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