IMVU is a free virtual world game that has reached  has reached 50 million registered users, a social destination where members interact through the use of 3D avatars, somewhat similar to Second Life. Meet new and interesting people from all over the world, as IMVU features a huge playerbase that is constantly growing. Chat with your friends and play some games. Express your creativity in many ways and design rooms, clothes and many other accessories, or browse the virtual goods catalog that includes more than four million items, most of them created by members. IMVU is available both for PC and Mac platforms in several languages.

Free players have some restrictions, they won’t be able to create content but they are free to explore the chat rooms, make friends, watch videos and listen to music.

IMVU has the world’s largest virtual goods catalog of more than six million items with approximately 7,000 new items added every day, almost all of which are created by its own members. The virtual goods catalog consists of everything from 2D stickers to detailed 3D items like virtual jewelry, clothing, hair, cars and other fun items that help IMVU community members create an IMVU identity as unique as their own

Here are the main features of IMVU:

  • IMVU is an app where users create custom avatars and use them to chat with strangers in random chats or 3D chat rooms
  • An avatar is a figure representing a particular person in video games, forums, etc.
  • The “chat now” feature randomly pairs users with other users
  • Users can then decide if they want to chat or skip the other IMVU user
  • Users can post pictures of their avatar in different poses and backgrounds (both 2D and 3D)
  • In addition to pictures, users can post text
  • Daily Spin is a feature where users can “spin a wheel” and win prizes. Prizes can be credits for the app or new clothes for avatars
  • Users can purchase credits using real money
  • Credits can be used to purchase new clothes, accessories, hairstyles, different avatars, or poses


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