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ButcherBox is a meat subscription box that gets delivered to your home. They offer curated boxes of pre-selected meats or a custom mix of Grass-Fed Beef, Free Range Chicken, Heritage Pork, Wild Caught Seafood, and even ground turkey or bison.
ButcherBox is one of the best, most-affordable ways to get high-quality, humanely raised meat delivered directly to your door.
ButcherBox is the largest certified B Corporation meat delivery service and they are making it their mission to make organic, sustainably-raised meats more accessible to consumers across the country.

The ButcherBox Plans: Which One is For You?

There are basically two options at ButcherBox: a Curated Box or a Custom Box. Each of these options comes in two sizes: Classic or Big.

Finding the right box for you will depend on a lot of different factors—How many people are you feeding? How often do you eat meat? What is the frequency of your subscription? How much freezer space do you have? How much do you love bacon?

Bacon aside, let’s get into the details of each box to find out which is right for you.

Curated Box

A Curated Box is a mix of pre-selected cuts of meat. While you can always add on other selections, the core of this box is preset, meaning there’s no subbing or way of knowing which cuts of meat you’ll get.

There are many options within the Curated Box. You can choose from:

  • Mixed Box (which include Beef, Pork, and Chicken)
  • Beef & Chicken
  • Beef & Pork
  • All Beef

Classic Curated Box ($137) – 8-11 lbs. of meat, or roughly 24 servings. This is recommended for individuals, small families, or those with limited freezer space.

Big Curated Box ($253) – 16-22 lbs. of meat, or roughly 48 servings. This is the box for you if you’re a meat-three-times-a-day kind of person, have a deep freezer, or have more mouths to feed.

Custom Box

Their Custom Box runs slightly larger (20% more meat than their Curated Boxes) and a bit more expensive. With this option, you completely hand-select what is included.

Create your perfect box by choosing from more than 25 high-quality cuts of 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, heritage-breed pork, and wild-caught seafood. They’ve got the classics like ground beef, chicken breast, filet mignon, and bacon, and cuts for the more experienced chef like sirloin cap or bone-in pork butt.

Custom Boxes are for those who’ve got their routine down, know what they like, and have nailed their crowd-pleaser recipes.

Choosing the size…

Classic Custom Box  ($159) – 6 cuts and roughly 9-14 lbs. of meat. Again, going Classic is best for individuals and small families, and freezers.

Big Custom Box ($288) – 12 cuts and roughly 18-26 lbs. Going with the big box, of course, best for big appetites, big families, and big freezers.

Take advantage of ButcherBox’s member only deals to try new meats out, test out their wild-caught seafood options, and anything else you’d be curious to try.

The good news here is that no matter which box you go for, there is always the possibility of adding add-ons, so if there is something you’ve been craving or want more of, you can always add it to your box! You can change the type or size of your box at any time, with no extra fee. You can ALSO change the frequency of your subscription to come every 2,4,6, or 8 weeks or even change your next billing/delivery date.

One of the most important considerations we make when choosing the kinds of food we put in our bodies is where it comes from. In our opinion, the top-selling points for ButcherBox are the fact that all of their meat comes from carefully vetted locations, is fed natural diets, and is raised humanely.


The beef is 100% grass-fed and grass finished. The majority of it comes from Australia where the climate is ideal and the animals spend their entire lives grazing on pastureland. All beef regardless of where it’s sourced from is pasture-raised, humanely raised, 100% grass-fed and finished, and never given antibiotics or added hormones.
Cuts include: ribeye, flat iron, bottom round roast, coulotte, steak tips, filet mignon, and ground.


The chicken is free-range organic and is Global Animal Partnership (GAP 3) certified. This means that the chickens are not raised in cages, crates, or in overcrowded environments. They have seasonal access to the outdoors and get plenty of fresh air. All of these living enhancements greatly increase the quality of life for these chickens.
Cuts include drumstick, tenders, breast, thighs (boneless and bone-in), and whole chicken.


Many of their pork products have lineage to heritage-breeds like Berkshire, Duroc, and Chester White. Heritage breed basically means that the hogs have a distinguished, natural ancestry. They mature slower and their meat develops a delicious marbling and flavor.
Cuts include bacon, butt, pork chops, ribs, tenderloin, and ground.


ButcherBox offers a variety of different wild-caught seafood like Salmon, Scallops, Lobster, Cod and Halibut. Some of it is seasonal however and based on availability.


Meat Taste and Quality

One of the main reasons we love ButcherBox is their consistently high-quality meat. You’ll notice the great taste and quality the first time you try one of their meats.

Reasons to begin subscription of Butcher Box:

  • Guaranteed sustainably-sourced meat
  • Conveniently shipped, on-time delivery
  • As a B Corp, you know there are no cut-corners
  • Delicious, high-quality meat
  • Completely customizable boxes and flexible subscriptions make for an easy customer experience
  • Wide variety of cut selections
  • Competitive prices
  • Great recipe and cooking tutorials through their blog and YouTube channel.


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