3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet System

3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt, is an extensive weight reduction control that covers the weight reduction trifecta of slimming down, activity, and inspiration. The manual examines about carb-limited eating regimen (while using vital protein utilization), successful activity propensity, and in addition progress observin.*

3 Week Diet System


The program is separated into different manuals with each covering a topic in the weight loss trifecta plus an introduction manual.*

Introduction Manual:*

The presentation manual gives client an essential thought of how the entire 3 week program functions furthermore clears up some eating regimen ideas like the nourishment pyramid and digestion system. The presentation manual contains data on the science behind putting on and getting thinner. It likewise discusses supplements expected to make the eating regimen a win and how they help you to lose fat, build your digestion system and vitality level and the medical advantages.*

Diet Manual:*

The eating routine manual structures the meat of the project and is fundamentally made out of three stages, with every stage being one week long. It offers a perfectly customized quick weight reduction arrangement as per your body sort. The eating routine manual help to aides client through what to eat, the amount you ought to eat and when to eat for ideal weight reduction. It likewise gives data on what nourishments to evade and the ones that you ought to eat continually to build your digestion system. Vitamins and supplements are likewise tended to.*

Workout Manual:*

With respect to the activity segment secured in the workout manual, it’s for the most part about body weight activities and Kettlebell workouts. At the end of the day, you won’t require rec center gear or substantial weights. Four diverse workout schedules are given inside of the project. It contains an activity program that takes 20 minutes and a greatest of 4 days a week. There’s likewise a segment about ascertaining your incline body mass versus your fat rate to offer client some assistance with adjusting their weight reduction arrangement in light of your body type.*

Motivation Manual:*
The inspiration manual contains tips, traps, privileged insights and instruments that propel client to continue all through the 3-week program.*



  • Short 21 day commitment*
  • A workout plan for home use*
  • Mindset help on losing weight*
  • Diet and food intake suggestions*
  • Suggestions on what foods to avoid*
  • 60 day money back guarantee*


  • The diet may fail to deliver expected results especially if the user isn’t totally committed to it.*





3 Week Diet System

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