Ollie Fresh Food

Ollie Dog Food is a fresh dog food delivery brand. It makes subscriptions of human-grade fresh food made from real ingredients for healthier pups.
Ollie caters to furry friends and their owners who want mealtime to be simple, delicious, and nutritious. It takes the guesswork out of meals and helps owners rest easy knowing the bowls are filled with high quality food portioned just for their pets.
Many pet experts seem to agree on one thing: It is best to feed our beloved companions with fresh pet food. Most commercial dog foods are being cooked at extreme temperatures which ends up destroying the nutrient content of the ingredients (especially the raw ones).
This New York-based pet food company set out to turn the pet food industry on its head by offering fresh, custom meals for dogs similar to meal-prep services like Maple and Sprig for humans.

Ollie hopes to bring their dream of delivering healthy, natural, and customized fresh food to dogs all over the country a reality. In the same way that disease statistics are rising among humans at an alarming rate, instances of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and liver failure in pets are becoming more and more common.

The secret to giving your dog a long, happy, and healthy life doesn’t come in a pill bottle – it comes in a cardboard box, delivered fresh every two weeks.

The brand offers four different protein options: beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb. Each option contains both the protein, as well as vegetables, fruit, and nutritional supplements. Picking which option is best for your dog is easy, as the ordering process involves filling out a survey which pairs your pet with their ideal plan.

Many people want to know exactly what is in their pet’s food, and this is even more true when you’re spending extra money every week to ensure it is high quality.

Because Ollie does not use proprietary blends in their dog food, all items, including supplements, are listed in full. This high degree of transparency is a refreshing change in the world of pet food, and it can make consumers feel a lot more confident in their choice to purchase this brand.
Ollie offers 4 variants for fresh dog food, each featuring a different source of protein, as the key ingredient.

Turkey – This  recipe is grain-free and made from a novel source of protein. This is perfect for dogs with sensitivities. Top ingredient is fresh turkey breast with turkey liver as a supplemental source of protein. It contains fresh veggies and fruits.

Chicken – Contains fresh chicken as the #1 ingredient, along with chicken gizzard, chicken liver, and dried eggs. This protein-rich formula is so full of natural flavor. Also, it contains vegetables such as peas and carrots which are very beneficial for our pets.

Lamb – This recipe is for the meat lovers out there. The recipe features fresh lamb and lamb liver as the top ingredients plus it is also a grain-free formula. Also, it has superfoods like kale, cranberries, and butternut squash as a natural source of antioxidants.

Beef – This variant contains fresh beef and beef heart as the top 2 main ingredients along with beef kidney as a supplemental source of protein. It also features easily digestible carbohydrate sources such as potatoes, peas, and sweet potatoes.


Switching to a fresh food delivery service for your pet may not be within everyone’s budget, but for those who are committed to providing their dog with the best nutritional and ingredient rich food will likely be interested by companies such as Ollie. All of their food is grain free, making it a great choice for pets who have wheat or grain sensitivities, and you can pick your protein based on their preferences and dietary needs.

Ollie’s sign-up questionnaire is thorough and useful, and takes a lot of the stress and worry out of switching your dog to a new type of food. From new feeding guidelines, to pre-packaged meals, you no longer need to worry if your dog is over or under eating.

All recyclable packaging, and their charitable donations, means that Ollie is a company you can feel good about supporting. All of their meats come from human-grade farms, and the animals are raised without the use of hormones. This is the type of food you would feel good about serving to yourself, so you can be confident that your pet will love it too.

Overall, Ollie is an exceptional choice for anyone looking to provide their dog with the best meals possible, and you will likely see changes in your pup for the better. Many owners report increased energy levels, better immune systems, and a beautiful, shiny coat thanks to the switch.

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